"Kashmir of Odisha"

Daringbadi Tourism

Known as the Kashmir of Odisha, Daringbadi is a beautiful hill station amidst a plethora of natural wild exuberance and ancient tribal life. At an altitude of 3000 feet, the place is imbued with dream valleys, coffee plantations and luxuriant forests interrupted by small tribal hamlets adorned with spectacular ethnic art. Treat your eyes with the marvelous vistas, smell the aroma from nearby coffee estates and dive in the unhindered serenity of the place.

Sundar Gram

"Untouched village life"

Sundar Gram Tourism

Sundar Gram (also known as Sundargram) is a charming home stay located in Rajendrapur, a tiny village just 35 kilometres from Kolkata. An ideal weekend destination for nature lovers, the place serves as a nice hideaway for the tired and stressed souls seeking peace and solace. Imagine sitting in the balcony of mud huts and watching the paddy fields being caressed by the soft wind, fishermen pulling their nets out of the ponds and elderly people gossiping under the big banyan tree. If you want to take a little break from the rat race and enjoy life again, then Sundar Gram is no doubt the right place for you.


"Land of Chhau dance and bountiful nature"

Baghmundi Tourism

Often a times, the biggest surprises of life come in small packages. The little village of Baghmundi might sound like just an ordinary village but once you visit the place, your perception is bound to change. Located at the foot of Ayodhya Hills, the village acts as a charming hideaway for tourists from the stress and anxiety of modern life. A rendezvous with the peaceful serenity, uneven topography, cascading waterfalls, trickling rivers, and diverse flora and fauna of the place will leave you awe struck.


"Cascading waterfalls, divine temples and vivid greenery"

Keonjhar Tourism

Abundant with green hills, vivid forests and roaring waterfalls, Keonjhar is an often overlooked holiday destination sitting on the Northern fringes of Odisha. Also known as Kendujhar, the city serves as the district headquarters of Keonjhar district. Beyond the city limits lie a picturesque landscape dotted with exciting tourist attractions that will fill your heart and soul. The beauty of eye-soothing greenery against a backdrop of distant hills weaves a magical spell on the minds of visitors.


"The place where the first uprising for independence took place in 1857"

Barrackpore Tourism

A treasure trove of history, Barrackpore is a lovely weekend getaway located at a very close proximity to Kolkata. Although it is now more or less considered an industrial town, but the reminiscences of the past still linger in every corner of the town. Standing on the bank of Hooghly River, this historic place has been a witness of both the grandeur of British Raj and the hard days of struggle for freedom from colonial rulers. It is at this very place where the first uprising for independence took place on 29th March 1857, when a young soldier of Bengal Infantry named Mangal Pandey rose in revolt against his British superiors. He was later arrested and hanged for his misconduct.